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Best Wise Words of Wisdom 2012

Words of Wisdom NEW PEARL 2012 TODAY

Best Wise Words of Wisdom 2012
A collection of wise words today the latest update (April 2012). With this it has collected about 1000 words wise words are full of meaning and reflection. In this article you will find a variety of wise words, from the wise words of love, romance wise word, wise words of motivation, wise word of life, wise words Islamic and others.

For you who love to collect pearls or words words words words wisely, of course, already bored with words of wisdom that has been circulating on the internet. Hahaha, it's stale dross that's what I blog to collect and present the latest collection of wise words and the best to all the loyal visitors and new visitors of this blog.

Words of Wisdom collection of Love and Life Motivation

Do not be too worried about something that does not mean, you just create a problem that was never there in the beginning.

Sometimes, instead of bad memories for you with someone who is injured, but the good memories with him who can not be forgotten.

Spend your time for you to people who smile. Those who make your life better just by being part of it.

Doing what people do is boring. Do something different in your own way.

Not supposed to make you split the difference, because the difference makes you realize that you need each other and can complement each other.

Needless to perfection to be happy. The real joy is when you see anything perfectly.

No need to wait to be loved and loving, but begin to love and you will be loved and cherished.

HARD to be a loved one, it takes sacrifice, but if you're with the right person, everything will be EASY!

Do not change just because someone wants to be loved. Be yourself and someone will love you as is.

Love is difficult, especially for ill-mrk bgmn how to trust, listen, and forgive again and again.
Sometimes it is better to give up and let God decide. Only God can solve the problems of your life.

Everyone needs encouragement and praise to grow. Do not quickly denounced.Remember, you can criticize without reproach!

Do not start something I want you to finish. Do not stop things before you finish.

Sometimes, "Good-bye" means "Stop hurting each other."

Better to lose a loved one than to lose you identity.

Organize themselves feel better than expect others to keep the feeling.

Do not complain about your day, be thankful for breath. God gave it to you because He knows you are strong enough through it.

Life is not about getting what you want, but about appreciating what you have, and who will come to wait.

Sometimes, no matter how many people around you, you feel lonely. Just because you expect him to love who you are on the side.

In love, the less you see with your eyes, the more you will see with your heart.

No need to worry about what people say about you if you already know what they say is not true.

Get to know me first, judge me kemudian.i

Be honest with yourself. Listen to your heart because he knows what you want.SINCERELY love from the heart always.

God always wants the best for you reply. He has a solution for every problem, for every sedihmu relieved, and happy are ready waiting for you.

Know before you judge, because that looks beautiful is not always beautiful and always looks bad not bad.

No matter what you think, believe me, there is someone out there who look for you as you seek to find him.
Simple in love, willingly accept flaws, and the faithful in a relationship.

Every woman has the right to get a guy who can make her ex sorry that he had let go of women as well as he.

Do not say I can not promise you keep. Do not say love if not sincere from the heart.Because finally someone is going to hurt you.

Ignore those who hate you. They're just people like you who wish to have life. Concern is what they want.

There was no word MAY in love. You would KNOW if you are in love.

Do not be jealous of the success of others, because you do not know what he has sacrificed to achieve that success.

Unhealthy relationship is when you judge better than to trust, forgive and forget more dairpada.

Any heavy burden of problems that you face today, believe that it never exceeds the limit of your ability.

Remember, when you decide to try to STOP, at that instant you decide to FAIL.

Dreams will not materialize by itself. You must immediately get up and try to make it happen.

My prayer today: Lord, give me health and strength, so I could help realize the dream of the people around me.

Whoever you are, whatever happens in life, you have a chance to be happy and enjoy life.

Everyone has a past. No matter if it's good or bad. They are not living there anymore.

Life is too short tuk spend time thinking about what you want but you do not get. There are many other things you can do

Pearls of Wisdom Latest cloud 2012

Immediately move from the past into the future, with new vigor and hope, break all the doubts. Do not let your life is full of sadness, anger, and hate. Free yourself from pain in the past, and begin your life again.

3 The off-prnh too late to do: love, forgiveness, and improve diri.i

Do not lean pd others. They can disappoint you. Lean upon the Lord. She will not disappoint

Love someone completely, including its shortcomings, and one day you'll deserve the best from it.

God has always promised my best, but that does not mean you traveled road will be easy. But whatever it is, be grateful that you have.

Forgive yourself prior to forgive others. Those who can not forgive ourselves, not be able to forgive others.

You will not always be right in doing everything. One is a natural thing. Forgive yourself, fix, and keep trying.

Sometimes, God removes something that means from your grasp, so that you realize the mistake and changed for the better.

No need to wait to be loved and love. But begin to love and you will also be loved loved.

There will be peace behind every anxiety, there is laughter behind every tear, if you always include God in your every move.

When someone went to your life, God sent him for a reason. Both tuk you a lesson or stay with you until the end of life

Who loves my heart was tired to survive, do not give up tuk fight, because he believed the happiness with the people he loved.

You do not have to wait years to change to become a better person. You have the ability to change, whenever you want!

We can always forgive without forgetting, but he can never really forget without forgiving.

Never trust someone who just said but never did. Because he was easily broken promise is as easy as he say a promise.

Never underestimate the power of prayer. God has always heard, and believe that the shortcomings will not be a penghalangmu.

If you do not strive to realize their own dreams, then you will spend your life just to see others realize their dreams.

Ill have to try mjd as beautiful as anyone else. Already there are many beautiful people out there, but always there is only one of you.

Each person was injured. Do not focus pd pain. Focus on what you can learn to do better.

Never weary of doing good, even if it's just a small thing. Sometimes, even the smallest thing could give happiness in their hearts.

Sometimes, the heart's desire is not always obeyed. There are times when you must use logic so that the heart does not hurt.

Happiness is not when we had perfection, but when we can accept the imperfections in a genuine and sincere.

Almost everyone can forgive and forget, but sometimes we do not want anyone to forget that we have been forgiven.

Sometimes you can not choose whom to fall in love, because it just happened. Although the mouth says no, the heart could not refuse.

No need to rush to define what you think. Better to wait longer than you end up injured.

Never give everything you have told him that you love, because if she left you, you will not have anything.

You will never be able to start a new story if you do not immediately end a long story.

You will get stronger and mature if you are willing to let go of people who have been holding you.

The best retaliation is not karma, but: a smile, forgiveness, and prayer.

God will give you what you want, if what you want is something that God has for you!

Any obstacles you will be able to skip if you have confidence. You are strong because you are sure. Because you feel you are weak.

Do not give up if your dream has not materialized. With enthusiasm and positive thinking, all the things that might not be possible.

Just because you miss someone, it does not mean you need it back in your life. Missed was the only part of the release.

Knock life, but you learn tuk up again. This continues to happen and shaped you to become stronger.

Nothing is impossible as long as you believe.

we do not have to be a great hero to win the competition. Being an ordinary person who's motivated enough.

One hour of fun and intensive, much better and profitable than many years of dreaming and pondering.

Everything is easier said than done. But remember: "All it will not be done if it is not pronounced".

Bahagialah with what you have. Do not take it off just because of fear. You probably will not get it back.

Sometimes, when someone gets hurt, he needs not a word him that is able to laugh, but the ears that will listen.

If you judge someone just from their appearance, you will miss many opportunities to meet people who are HOT.

There was a time to stop hoping. Where you have to realize that your time is wasted just to him who did not even care.

Talking about past relationships does not mean still trapped inside. Sometimes it's mind so as not to repeat the mistake again.

Get ready to hear the answer to every question. Because sometimes the answer is not expected to hear.

True love is ill will be: destroyed by problems, debilitated by the time, and are separated by distance.
No need to bother to get revenge, just forgive any mistakes. Because forgiveness is the best revenge.

When you are sure, be carried out! because "Doubts will come when the conviction is not implemented as soon as possible".

Confidence and sincerity in the attempt is a gate to climb the ladder of success.

My prayer today: Lord, lift me with good people, so I could follow the lead of their goodness.

2 It is most painful: 1. Expectations are too high, 2. The wrong person.

Sometimes, though inside you there is a word that you would love to express to someone, you are empty words when he was in plain sight.

Get used to urinate before going to bed. In order not to wake up in the middle of sleep due to the toilet.

Do not focus on how weak you are. Focus on how strong your Lord. -

Why would still survive if you do not actually want? Leave, then later you will find happiness.

It is best to trust and take refuge only in God, not in humans. Because there will be disappointed if too much trust in people.

Life is not easy. Many things are sometimes difficult to accept even difficult to understand. Therefore, learning is a process without end.

We do not have a great time to start, but we must start to be great.

If we are people who love waiting for the opportunity, we are part of human beings in general.

What you need and what you want are two very different things. Bijaklah in choosing one of them.

Stop crying about him that has gone. Life is full of surprises, you never know he was waiting for you far better than your past.

Everything that happens is a meaningful experience. Do not regret, but remember the lessons that were given, especially for things that have hurt.

If there is no love, just say so. Do not for not wanting to hurt, you forget, despite injuries that you give may be forgiven, he was unforgettable.

Whatever happens, it will always end. And if something good has to end, believe that who better to begin.

Happiness belongs to those who still hope even been injured, still trying though never disappointed.

Sometimes, a smile is a tear of the invisible and tears are the last power we have.

It is fun when having someone who is able for you to laugh even when you're not wanted terseyum

When you are grateful, you will not feel sad even feel deprived. And when you complain, will increase hardship.

This most beautiful of friendship is to understand and be understood, without ever forcing themselves and want to win.

Do not linger regret the error. But the haste in order to improve the attitude of the same mistakes are not repeated.

You can choose to feel sad for what is missing from your life or love for what you still have.

A beautiful woman who would not compare him with another woman. He was proud and happy to be himself.

Love is not only originated from the eyes. Love comes from the sincerity of the heart when the self was unable to think clearly. Believe Heart.

Love is not something that can be defined, because if you could, there would be no broken hearts.

The worst way miss someone is when he's sitting right beside you and you know you can never have it.

When you compare yourself with others, that's when you're degrading yourself.

Deepest wounds are invisible to the eye. The deepest grief is unspeakable by words.

Words of Wisdom Quote Today

Happy does not mean having all that we love. Happy is to love all that we have.

Strong women do not tell the problem to the world. He dealt with senyumam and shared only with those who care

Just because the way the Lord can not understand, does not mean God is wrong and how to correct your own way.

When the problem tirelessly toward you your life, berserahlah him. God heard your prayer, even the unspoken by you.

There is only one corner of the universe that you can believe in progress, and that is yourself.

Do not ever doubt that God always give my best for you. When the problem was hard on you, it's because he believes pd abilities.

God has equipped you with tuk strength to face all the problems. It is not easy, but you definitely get through it. BELIEVE!

One important lesson about the broken heart: if he is able to new-found love, so are you!

There's nothing wrong follow your heart, but if you always find yourself wounded by it, start to listen to logic.

Do not continue to regret the past, as long as you are able to make it as a lesson, you will become a person who is stronger in the future.

Sometimes you choose a tuk looks happy, because it did not want to explain why you grieve at those who did not even try to understand tuk

It is very easy to give up. But, be strong personal, which continues to struggle even in unfavorable circumstances.

Introspection is necessary, but do not blame yourself too. Maakanlah yourself and do better.

There is no perfection. There is only contentment with what life has to offer.

Sometimes, you'll never feel the beauty of being loved with sincere, if you've never been hurt.

Foster love of honesty and trust. Growing lust lies and regret.

A real woman is not demanding, he is grateful. A real man does not promise that he committed.

Do not ever give someone hope, if you do not want to meet them. Better to be honest though melancholy, rather than happy but false.

Try to be patient with everything. But most important is to be patient with yourself.

Update Latest Words of Wisdom in January 2012

No need to mourn for too long has gone, because maybe later on you'll be glad to leave you crying about now.

Try not to count the trouble, because if you are too frequent to count, will ease a normal course.

Do not push yourself to do everything right, because sometimes mistakes make you a better person.

My prayer today: Lord, thank you still gave me the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful morning. Give me wisdom through the day.

Love takes time to grow and develop. So be patient, do not force. Patience will make your love today.

Love and loyalty tested when the distance and time separating. And kepercayaanlah only capable to defend it.

God's plan always ends with the good. And if you do not get better, then it's not the end.

By always trying to be a good person and do your best, then some good will selulu be around you.

To any time, you will never find love, if you are looking for is perfection.

Not supposed to make you split the difference, because the difference menyadarkanmu that you need each other and can complement each other.

Needless to perfection to be happy. The real joy is when you see anything perfectly.

No need to wait to be loved and loving, but begin to love and you will be loved and cherished.

HARD to be a loved one, it takes sacrifice, but if you're with the right person, everything will be EASY!

Do not change just because someone wants to be loved. Be yourself and someone will love you as is.

Sometimes it is better to give up and let God decide. Only God can solve the problems of your life.

Hny need one hand to grab, two hands to hold. Hny need a heart to love, two hearts to make sense.

Everyone needs encouragement and praise to grow. Do not quickly denounced.Remember, you can criticize without reproach!

Think about it before deciding. Because sometimes, you hate is not necessarily bad, whatever you like is not necessarily good.

Do not start something I want you to finish. Do not stop things before you finish.

Pd trust God when everything was easy, it's common. Trow God when all seemed difficult, it's incredible.

The first thing that needs to be successful in mind: to do everything from the heart.

Org called "Karma's a bitch". You called me a "bitch". Could that mean I adl Karma to you? :)

Sometimes love is so painful, but out of love too, you always find yourself smiling for no reason.

When he is who you love leave you, do not use crying over her eyes. Better to use tuk him a better look.

Life is beautiful. And it would be wonderful if you could make your loved ones happy.

Sometimes you have to stay away from someone. If he cares, he will realize. If not, you know how to get through the day.

Life will always be beautiful no matter how much weight a problem though if you keep doing good.

There's no excuse for ingratitude towards God. With gratitude, life would be more beautiful.

Your breath now, is the last blast of others. So stop complaining. Learn tuk live your life with what you have.

Never stop dreaming, because dreams give hope and hope in life.

Words CAN NOT, will make you stop trying. CAN says will make you try even though the final result is not necessarily. SPIRIT!

Companions are those who can see you hurt your eye, while others believe with a smile on your face.

Do not underestimate yourself. No one who unremarkable. Which there are those who do not realize just how incredible they are.

Slalu change comes from the inside out. Change yourself first so that you can change your life.

There was no reply was possible as long as you believe. Do not ever hesitate to existing capabilities. Try and pray. I'Mpossible!

A person could never love you with sincere and candid, if you always hide the shortcomings of it.

This life is a choice of who you decide. If you do not want to look stupid, do not do stupid thing.

"Boys" could promise you a thousand words. "Men" is committed to you without a word.

Sometimes you have to listen to your heart. Do not ask anyone who you love, but who ask for you happy and appreciated.

Just because you've failed, does not mean you're afraid to try. Believe me, happiness comes to those who would never give up

If you have not found the right person who tuk life, be patient. Lord tuk waiting for the right time to place him in your life.

Something good to make new friends, but it does not mean that long-forgotten friend.Due to an old friend who is always there when you need.

Try to be a good person. But if you have a good feeling, there is no reason for arrogance memperbolehkanmu.

Love is happy with one another, instead of demanding one party to another party happy.

Life would not be wonderful if all the same. And the difference is to be complementary, not to hate each other.

Friend is someone who is always there when we want to share their stories, pay attention when we need it.

Merciful God, the Lord Almighty Helper. But God's help will not come by itself, you have to keep trying.

All the opportunities at hand. Get rid of all fear! Facing all odds, to reach success.

What you said, it will happen. If you CAN NOT say, then you will not be able, if the CAN say, you certainly can.

Sometimes, even if you believe you have forgotten, a song can bring all the good memories with him back to mind.

Sometimes you choose a tuk off someone, not stop loving her, but because you realize he does not care about you.

Happy does not mean you have everything. It just means that whatever you have, you never forget tuk grateful.

God has answered your prayers tuk three ways: 1. Yes, He gave it you want. 2. NO, He gives them better. 3. WAIT, give you the best.

When someone falls in love with you, there are two things which really mattered to her.A. Everything that you said. 2. Everything you do.

Love is between TWO hearts, but there's always smart to not calculate and ruin the taste of them.

Do not give up just because things do not go according to plan. Something that means you will not easily have.

Do not underestimate yourself, there are some people who feel their lives are happier just because your smile today. :)

Shit happens in life. People will hurt you, but that's no reason you tuk back hurt.

Sometimes what you want is not the best thing for you. God has the best perspective, Believe!

Those who hate me are always motivated me. Those who love me always inspired me.

Something ironic when someone who taught you about love is one of the most hurt.

Love is like water. It takes everyone, free of charge, but many people do not appreciate it.

When you feel cared for, it's not because he did not love, sometimes she does not know how to show it.

Try to be patient with everything tuk. But the crux is to be patient with yourself.

What do you want do not always get you, but God always gives what you need, sometimes more than you imagine.

God has given more than enough pleasure. Quit complaining. The more grateful will taste delicious.

A relationship would be wonderful if both partners are able to accept each other, instead of demanding to perfect.

Do not be crying about the situation, do not weep for you to stand for hope.

If you want to be happy, do not let the past bother you. You may look back, but do not bring it back!

As a giver you should say THANK pd which you give, because you would not be possible without the receiver could be giver.

Do not ever cry when you lose, because losing teaches you how to win.

Have many dreams, and trying to keep a dream come true. Do not just memjadi dreamer, but the person be full of action.

You can not change the past is bad, but you can prepare for a better future.

My prayer today: Lord, thank You still give me a chance to enjoy this weekend. Bless those who are dear to me.

When you love someone, be a reason why he's smiling, not the reason he was injured and eventually tuk afraid to love.

Sad when you finally give your heart to the promise he tuk care of him, but he returned in a state of hurt.

Painful when you feel so special he was, and full of question marks for you, and you just can pretend there's no nothing.

Difficult tuk waiting for something that you know will not be possible, but harder to give up when the thing you most want.

One must deserve your tears you cry before him. He must be worthy of your love before you fall in love with her.

Painful when ever you see her love began to change, but more painful when you remember his old self.

In life, do not ever do something fun, but you know in the end just to give you grief.

You can not choose who you fall in love with. Although the idea was supposed to love her, sometimes you will still love him.

Love is when he knows that you are personally very difficult tuk approached, but never give up tuk want to be part of your life.

You'll never find what you are looking for in love, if you do not love yourself.

Better to be happy yourself DRPD deceive yourself to please others, but for you all your life unhappy.

If he continues to hurt, you have to let go. You will not find him the nail, if you are still with him is wrong.

Everyone wants what they can not have. But if you love what you have, kamua who do not need another.

When sincere, you will always remember him. And though you and he eventually split up, you never regret having known him.

Life is not about which we have made a mistake, tap on the lessons that we can and realize we always have a friend.

What do a person may not ALWAYS give you happiness. But remember, no happiness if some do not.

Love can make you afraid of losing someone, even though you know that he is not even yours.

In life, thankful for what you have before he went, as soon as he went, he probably would not return.

Ssorg who love you, will not run out of excuses to keep you prnh & will not find a reason to let you go.

Do not compare your problems with others. Eslalu bigger problem. Compare with the Lord. God is always greater.

Never underestimate the power of prayer. God has always heard, and believe that the shortcomings will not be a penghalangmu.

If you do not respect yourself, even other people will never respect you. Do not lose yourself valuable.

Success is a choice. Start the day with deciding, then proceed with the action.Congratulations on the move!

My prayer today: Lord, give me strength to face all odds, give me a passion for the pursuit of success

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