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The properties and the character of a guy on star / zodiac

The nature and character of the zodiac Sagittarius guyRecognize the nature, character, character and personality of a guy according to zodiac (completed)A guy who loves social life and always wanted to know about new developments, to always keep himself still trendy and have the most up to date. He likes to know the latest fashion trends and always try not to miss mode. You can easily see it on opening a new pub, new restaurant. This is because he likes to participate in various social activities.There are also some people who Sagittarius tends to be a private person, but he will always be in front of another friend about the information. He always knows best-selling books, most top 10 songs in this week, the latest hair styles, the film is being aired gress, he always had to watch it.
He hates routine, because it was boring for him. He likes to achieve its objectives, and success in this is the true reward he sought. The money was OK, but he did not regard the money as a source of true happiness, because he can finish it easily in a short time.
Many people say, if you want to know the truth, then ask Sagittarius. They were right, you can ask Sagittarius guy, and he will soon correct answer and explain what it is. Although he spoke with such force that his friends loved it.
If you have a problem, all your friends will feel sympathy for you, but Sagittarius is the first person who will provide assistance without any strings attached to you. Therefore, Although sometimes big mouth, but she was really fascinating. When angry, he sometimes can be so vicious, but will soon be extinguished, and promptly forget about it.
And they are usually persistent in pursuing the woman he loved, though already rejected hundreds of times they never retreat, the more difficult the more curious they are. But if they are easy to get the love you then they are that easy to forget you. So this type of ama Guys should be able to tug.
He is not one who would take revenge, although he said that he would burn your house, you can remain calm. He likes compliments and sweet words, then you can manipulate it with ease. If he knows that you are not sincere, then you will not mean anything to him.
Some guys Sagittarius is a musician or a talented singer. He is the soul of the blessed, to have a good humor and has lots of jokes. He loves freedom, very energetic and very much alive. If it works, he will always do it seriously.
He likes traveling, likes to see interesting places. Out banc will make him feel comfortable. Sagittarius guy is like a free bird. Every day in his life seemed to Sunday.He rarely be in a bad mood, and if he was in a bad mood, the better you soon disappeared from view.
If you want to talk to him, while he was in such mood, try to avoid asking her life problems. He is the type of guy seducer, like all guys in general, but he has a 'brake' in him, so eventually he'll go back to your side. If he disappeared for several days, do not worry.
He just needed to recharge the batteries, before he returned to be a bright cheerful again, and go back to your side. He seemed allergic to the "beautiful woman", then in love, he is dating a woman hoping to normal. Dating schedule is something he liked, and it is this which makes him not feel bored.
He hates obligations, then the words "marriage" would make him as if choking. If you let him have liberty, then he would not go anywhere. He falls in love as easily as he had the flu, especially if a girl crush on sweet, funny and has a strong personality.
No man can know how long he'll fall in love. If you want to really hold a Sagittarius guy, then you better try like in adventure movies. Try to make the relationship you have always lived with the telling of jokes, always look nice, as this will help him in dealing with allergies "beautiful woman" her

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